International Coordination of Young Christian Workers (ICYCW)

The International Co-ordination of Young Christian Workers (ICYCW or CIJOC in french) coordinates 60 National Movements of the YCW.  The ICYCW supports the development of these YCW national movements and the foundation of YCW in countries where it does not exist yet.

The ICYCW is composed of National Movements of the YCW which accept the ICYCW Declaration of Principles. These National Movements believe that this International Coordination is a means to realise their vision for the whole of working youth.

Created in 1986, the ICYCW is a non-profit making international organisation of the Catholic Church. The ICYCW is officially recognised by the Holy See through the Pontifical Council for the Laity.since 1989 as an International Association of the Faithful with private juridical personality, according to the Code of Canon Law in the Catholic Church. 

Objectives of the ICYCW

These objectives are more fully stated in the ICYCW Declaration of Principles.


The objective of the ICYCW is to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ through word and action to the  young people of the world of work  throughout the world.


The ICYCW supports the training of the young leaders responsible for the national YCW movements; it encourages and helps organise exchanges, communication and solidarity between the various countries and continents.


The ICYCW has a role of representing YCW national movements and the situation of  young people, their aspirations and their actions, with other organisations and international institutions.