In an effort to contribute towards an effective and efficient integral youth ministry in East Africa region, ICYCW and AMECEA organized a regional training for chaplains and lay adult companions. The training took place at Kurasini training Centre, Dar es salaam- Tanzania from 21-25 October 2019. The following were the objectives:

  • Build the capacity of national youth chaplains
  • Discus the reality and challenges of chaplaincy as requested by the national youth chaplains in the region
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the post-Synodal Apostolic exaltation of Christus Vivit.
  • Develop short and long term strategies for provision of an effective chaplaincy services in the AMECEA and particularly YCW and other youth movements.

The training was a success and the following was achieved:

  • A strong solidarity in the region was built.
  • The capacity of chaplains was strengthened
  • A strong bond with AMECEA was created, thus giving hope for a good cooperation in future plans.
  • There was a fruitful experience sharing with other regional youth movement

The training was part of the implementation of the regional YCW plan developed by the East Africa regional commission meeting held in Uganda in 2017, the YCW East Africa regional leaders training workshop held in Malawi from 26 Aug- 01 Sept 2018 and the November 2018 YCW international chaplaincy training in Ethiopia.

On behalf of ICYCW, The training was implemented by Fr. Christopher Sichinga  the East African regional chaplain assisted by delegates from the commission Stephen Mawejje from YCW Uganda and George Kamau from YCW Kenya.