From 9th to 14th September 2022, the International Secretariat made visits and meetings in Malta

Meetings with ZHN Malta team

During the mission, the team met specifically two times.

One meeting was organized in the beginning of the visit, for the national team (recent team) to explain to the IS coordinator their realities, what were the issues that they put behind and what are their current challenges: ZHN team managed the past year to settle the property and finances issues. These days, they are focusing on the refurbishment of their headquarters in Floriana, and how to gather young people and build a community place in this headquarters. They have good contact with stakeholders, keep the communication going thanks to a regular and powerful newsletter, and are focusing on the topic of security at work, leading researches on the number of accidents in the country. They also want a closer contact with other European movements.

The other meeting was organized at the end of the mission, to make the conclusion of the visit: the main points were to share all the strengths the IS coordinator identified in the National Movements, and work on what they need to focus on. We reflected on how to reach more young people, according to all the events and discussions we had during the visit. We also shared and went quickly through a training document on the basics of YCW (Review of Life, roles of the YCW actors, the structure of the movement, etc.). We made the conclusion of the visit and agreed on the next step to be taken: invite young people through a known group of catechism, keep the refurbishment in mind and work with the ZHN contacts and former members to find resources, develop the contact with other European movements, maybe organizing trainings together.

Meetings with ecclesiastic authorities

During the visit in Malta, ZHN organized meetings with ecclesiastic authorities, as it was planned jointly.

At the Archbishop’s Curia, we first met Mr. Benjamin Flores-Martin, Archbishop’s Delegate for Youth and one member of his team. It was a beautiful opportunity for ZHN Malta to introduce their reality and the mission of ICYCW. It was also a quality discussion on the network existing between associations, and the existing challenges to encourage young people coming from other movements to discover ZHN.

Just after, we had the opportunity to meet His Eminence Auxiliary Bishop Mons. Joseph Galea-Curmi. The occasion was taken to share again the reality of ZHN Malta, and more specifically their need of a young chaplain to help support the team.

Meetings with stakeholders

ZHN Malta have good contacts with stakeholders in the region. Thanks to the standing of its newsletter and the network of each National-team member, we managed to organize different interesting discussions during the visit.

An unformal meeting was organized with Hon. Eve Borg Bonello, Member of Parliament (Partit Nazzjonalista) and Hon. Cressida Galea, Member of Parliament (Partit Laburista). With those two female and young members of Parliament, we discussed the reality of young people in Malta, regarding their finances, education, autonomy, etc.

ZHN Malta also managed to plan a recorded panel discussion with Kunsill Nazzjonali Żgħażagħ (National Youth Council) moderated by Bird’s Eye View at KNŻ offices. Jacob Callus, Bird’s Eye View’s moderator, animated a discussion between Clémence Otekpo and Yacopo Baldacchino (KNZ – Kunsill Nazzjonali Żgħażagħ) about the challenges youths face in modern society, focusing on Education, Finances and Mental Health Issues.

Bird’s Eye View Panel Discussion: Youth’s Issues | CIJOC x KNZ Malta – 12.09.2022

Activities with former ZHN members and with partners

To bring together partners and persons close to ZHN, the national team organized a convivial evening, inviting former ZHN members, partners, and people willing to support ZHN. This evening gathered about 15 persons. Through a presentation, the national team shared what the movement is working on and what will be the coming projects.

We also had the opportunity to meet Rev. Bernard Micallef, Chaplain at Ġ.F. Abela Junior College in Msida. We visited the chaplaincy area in the college, discovered what the students are doing when they stay at the chaplaincy, and explored ways of reaching out to young people, encouraging them to become involved as Young Christian Workers.

Anamaria Puscasu, former ZHN Malta and ICYCW member, gave us the time of a lunch to discuss about ZHN and ICYCW realities.