From the 12th September to the 15th September the International Secretariat had mission in Togo

On 12th September held a meeting with the National Coordinator of Youth Apostolate

On 13th September an exchanges with YCW in Dapaong, the young people presented the realities of the young people. YCW of Dapaong has about 382 members divided between 11 parishes.

The YCW of Dapaong is accompanied by Father Jean Paul DOUTI and long before him Father Joan Soler from Spain.

Finally, the International Treasurer presented ICYCW, its missions towards national movements, young people in the world.

As if to illustrate their mode of operation, after the meeting a visit was made to the sewing workplace of one of YCW members, where all her apprentices are young YCW girls.

On 14th September a meeting in Lomé Returning from Dapaong, the member of the Regional Commission Bénédicte AGUENOU made visits during the day of September 14 at the level of Lomé in order to meet the national team. She met the head of Kpalimé basic group (John Emmanuel) and tried to reach the National Secretary Honoré ADANOU who reassured them of their availability for mobilization and collaboration with ICYCW. Exhortation was made to contact the National Coordinator of the CCACJ (Father Dominique Rosario) after discussing as a team.