The Economy of Francesco : Assisi 2022

The Economy of Francesco build 3 years ago an initiative to bring young people together to think about a new economy, ecologically sustainable and socially just.
This experience is not only made for youth movements but is a global thinking with scientists, change makers, entrepreneurs, … Different activities are proposed.

The reflection was organized around 12 villages, gathering of people reflecting on one specific theme (Finance and Humanity, Businesses in transition, CO2 of Inequality, Agriculture and Justice, Energy and Poverty, Women for Economy, Business and Peace, Life and Life-style, Work and Care, Policies for happiness, Management and Gift, Vocation and Profit).

One of these beautiful projects will be the continuation of the reflection through the organization of a global & presential event in Assisi (Italy) in September 2022:

EVENT 2022 | The Economy of Francesco (

The people who were not included yet are invited to register too!

If until now, you have never heard about this initiative but you have interest in it, you have until March 31th 2022 to register online. Just to know, the procedure is different if you have been part of a village before. All the information is available on the website (see the link above).

You care about these topics? Go straight to it.

Victor, our treasurer, will register for CIJOC. What about you?