Sharing with the Dicastery of Laity, Family and Life

On 19th January 2023, The International Secretariat of ICYCW shared with the Dicastery of Laity, Family and Life, and discussed topics of common interest.

Several questions were addressed including our mission, our activities, our current realities and our priorities of this year 2023 for our national movements.

It was a great first meeting with the new secretary of the Dicastery Mr. Gleison De Paula Souza who had the opportunity to discover ICYCW and its vision. The dicastery being in charge of the organization of the World Youth Days (WYD), we have all been invited to get actively involved in the preparation of this beautiful event.

WYD – 2023

From 16th to 20th October 2022, the International Secretariat went to Fátima (Portugal) for the preparation of WYD 2023, at the invitation of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life.

With other organisations and organizers of these World Youth Days, we were able to attend the presentations of the organizers and learn more about the preparation of this great event.

The International Secretariat of the ICYCW plans to share this information with you. However, the IS  will not organize departures for WYD itself. Young people who would like to participate can leave in a group with their diocese or as a volunteer, but the agreement of the bishop of the diocese will be necessary for participation in WYD. This is why registrations are made in parishes.

At our level, we intend to motivate and mobilize young people. We are also thinking about how to make the YCW visible once there, since several young people who belong to the YCW could participate. Our goal is that every young person in the YCW can be spotted.

Here’s some information:

For more precise information, you must first follow the social networks of the event. Some are in Portuguese but the content is rarely long and can be easily translated.

The first essential tool will be the website (translated into different languages):

It is also possible to follow social networks:

Facebook: Jornada Mundial da Juventude
Twitter: @jmj_pt
Instagram: @lisboa2023_pt

Some information is also available on YouTube.

REGISTRATIONS are already open.

It can be accessed via the “participate” tab on the main site, which leads to a translated page as well.

There are different ways to register. You should know that when you register a group, the whole group must take the same formula. It is therefore necessary to create as many groups as necessary for everyone to find their account. We know that some dioceses will choose to offer only one or two distinct formulas, for organizational reasons.

PRICES are about the same as for Panama, not including the price of the trip. For on-site transport, the organization group is thinking about a mobility plan so that the journeys go well, but all the questions have not yet been answered.

Obviously, the prices will differ according to the formula chosen (participation during the week, participation during the weekend, …)

Discounts are provided depending on the registration dates. Until December 31, less 10%. From January 1 to March 15, less 5%.

Il va y avoir un grand besoin de BENEVOLES, qui peuvent poser leur candidature en ligne. Des jeunes qui parlent préférablement plusieurs langages, qui sont prêt à donner la grande majorité de leur temps pour le volontariat pendant cette semaine de JMJ. Le Secrétariat International est d’ores et déjà en contact avec les responsables du volontariat, pour faciliter les candidatures. Nous serons le point pivot pour la transmission de celles-ci.

Lors de la semaine de préparation, nous avons visité quelques sites clés de la ville où se dérouleront les évènements.

Le check-in à l’arrivée, les lieux de rassemblement, la prise des repas, l’accueil des personnes en situation de handicap, la participation de jeunes artistes, la catéchèse, les possibles pèlerinages, les moyens d’accès aux informations essentielles, les questions de santé et de sécurité, … sont réfléchis par des commissions de préparation. Beaucoup de choses sont encore en réflexion et en développement.

There is going to be a great need for VOLUNTEERS, who can apply online. Young people who preferably speak several languages, who are ready to give the vast majority of their time to volunteering during this WYD week. The International Secretariat is already in contact with those responsible for volunteering, to facilitate applications. We will be the pivot point for the transmission of these.

During the preparation week we visited some key sites in the city where the events will take place. Check-in on arrival, meeting places, meals, reception of people with disabilities, participation of young artists, catechesis, possible pilgrimages, means of access to essential information, health and safety issues, etc. are considered by preparation committees. Many things are still in reflection and development.

We are at your disposal if you have any questions as a National Movement. And even more quickly, we invite you to get closer to your dioceses and identify the people in charge of the WYD coordination.

Good preparation to all the volunteers !

110th ILC

In May and June, ICYCW, together with other movements, Catholic organisations, non-governmental organisations representing the laity and civil society, met to participate in the 110th ILO Conference. 5 people from ICYCW were able to attend the exchanges of the commissions, focusing on safety and health at work, as well as on the social and solidarity economy.
Unfortunately, the participation could not be done face to face, which had consequences on the interactions between associations, but also on the interactions with the tripartite of decision-makers.

Some civil society organisations therefore decided to co-write a statement reflecting our reflections:

Click to read the ILC statement


From the 22nd to 24th September 2022, The International Secretariat attended a seminar organized by the European region of MMTC, the MTCE, in Lisboa, Portugal. Funded by EZA organization.

Adult movements from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal met in Seminário Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Alfragide.

The national movements gathered to reflect on the following theme:          
“Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on employment and social issues – lessons learned / measures for reconstruction”.

Presentations given were on

  • Confederation of social economy enterprises and organizations in Europe. by Juan Antonio Pedreño, President of “Social Economy Europe”         
  • Lessons learned during the Covid time. by Sebastián Mora Rosado, Refugee Chair Advisor in the Comillas Pontifical University (Spain).
  • Education and Employment Projects. by Lisandra Rodrigues, Coordinator of Associaçao Santa Teresa (Portugal) also a former member of YCW Portugal. 


From 9th to 14th September 2022, the International Secretariat made visits and meetings in Malta

Meetings with ZHN Malta team

During the mission, the team met specifically two times.

One meeting was organized in the beginning of the visit, for the national team (recent team) to explain to the IS coordinator their realities, what were the issues that they put behind and what are their current challenges: ZHN team managed the past year to settle the property and finances issues. These days, they are focusing on the refurbishment of their headquarters in Floriana, and how to gather young people and build a community place in this headquarters. They have good contact with stakeholders, keep the communication going thanks to a regular and powerful newsletter, and are focusing on the topic of security at work, leading researches on the number of accidents in the country. They also want a closer contact with other European movements.

The other meeting was organized at the end of the mission, to make the conclusion of the visit: the main points were to share all the strengths the IS coordinator identified in the National Movements, and work on what they need to focus on. We reflected on how to reach more young people, according to all the events and discussions we had during the visit. We also shared and went quickly through a training document on the basics of YCW (Review of Life, roles of the YCW actors, the structure of the movement, etc.). We made the conclusion of the visit and agreed on the next step to be taken: invite young people through a known group of catechism, keep the refurbishment in mind and work with the ZHN contacts and former members to find resources, develop the contact with other European movements, maybe organizing trainings together.

Meetings with ecclesiastic authorities

During the visit in Malta, ZHN organized meetings with ecclesiastic authorities, as it was planned jointly.

At the Archbishop’s Curia, we first met Mr. Benjamin Flores-Martin, Archbishop’s Delegate for Youth and one member of his team. It was a beautiful opportunity for ZHN Malta to introduce their reality and the mission of ICYCW. It was also a quality discussion on the network existing between associations, and the existing challenges to encourage young people coming from other movements to discover ZHN.

Just after, we had the opportunity to meet His Eminence Auxiliary Bishop Mons. Joseph Galea-Curmi. The occasion was taken to share again the reality of ZHN Malta, and more specifically their need of a young chaplain to help support the team.

Meetings with stakeholders

ZHN Malta have good contacts with stakeholders in the region. Thanks to the standing of its newsletter and the network of each National-team member, we managed to organize different interesting discussions during the visit.

An unformal meeting was organized with Hon. Eve Borg Bonello, Member of Parliament (Partit Nazzjonalista) and Hon. Cressida Galea, Member of Parliament (Partit Laburista). With those two female and young members of Parliament, we discussed the reality of young people in Malta, regarding their finances, education, autonomy, etc.

ZHN Malta also managed to plan a recorded panel discussion with Kunsill Nazzjonali Żgħażagħ (National Youth Council) moderated by Bird’s Eye View at KNŻ offices. Jacob Callus, Bird’s Eye View’s moderator, animated a discussion between Clémence Otekpo and Yacopo Baldacchino (KNZ – Kunsill Nazzjonali Żgħażagħ) about the challenges youths face in modern society, focusing on Education, Finances and Mental Health Issues.

Bird’s Eye View Panel Discussion: Youth’s Issues | CIJOC x KNZ Malta – 12.09.2022

Activities with former ZHN members and with partners

To bring together partners and persons close to ZHN, the national team organized a convivial evening, inviting former ZHN members, partners, and people willing to support ZHN. This evening gathered about 15 persons. Through a presentation, the national team shared what the movement is working on and what will be the coming projects.

We also had the opportunity to meet Rev. Bernard Micallef, Chaplain at Ġ.F. Abela Junior College in Msida. We visited the chaplaincy area in the college, discovered what the students are doing when they stay at the chaplaincy, and explored ways of reaching out to young people, encouraging them to become involved as Young Christian Workers.

Anamaria Puscasu, former ZHN Malta and ICYCW member, gave us the time of a lunch to discuss about ZHN and ICYCW realities.


From the 6th to 9th September 2022, the international secretariat made mission in Guinea-Conakry.


Visits made were to;

  • Father Alphonse HONOMOU Priest of the Parish of Beyla, which houses an active core team of the diocese. He was happy for the visit and showered blessings for a good mission. The International Treasurer received a visit from the members of the Beyla base team, moments which made it possible to understand and discuss around the concerns of young people in the locality, which are in particular employment and vocational training.
  • Father François Xavier LOUA in the parish of Gouèkè, both National Chaplain of YCW Guinea-Conakry and Regional Chaplain of West Africa. Discussions focused on the support of YCW Guinea and the prospects for reviving the movement in the capital Conakry.

Training session

The day of September 09 consisted in training with the participants gathered at the Cathedral of Nzerekore. After discussing the history, missions and objectives of the YCW, a point of honor was made at the Review of Life, a theme which, moreover, gave rise to many exchanges, especially on the concrete aspect that the actions in the “Act” part. National leaders had also expressed the need to be informed about fundraising way at the local level. For what is important, young people can hold projects without having sources of financing. They enjoyed the session with great hope. They also expressed the idea that ICYCW could help them with partnerships.



The international Secretariat  held a mission in Mali from the 1st September to 4th September 2022 held at 48 hours at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Peace in Bamako.

Topics of trainings were on

  • The history of YCW and ICYCW
  • ICYCW international dimension
  • ICYCW Missions and objectives
  • Review Of Life practical

Exchanges with National Team

A sharing with the team was held, were they shared their realities in Mali, thus the International Secretariat got to know more about the movement in Mali.

The young people were encouraged to;

  • Continue with their collaboration with  Episcopal Conference
  • Have regular communication with the ICYCW International secretariat
  • Hold regular Online meetings as a national team to keep updated of the young people in Mali

Closing Mass took place on September 4 at the Parish of the Holy Martyrs of Uganda during which the International Treasurer addressed a word to the community.


With a delegation, a visit was made to the National Museum of Mali to discover the rich cultural heritage of the country and to the municipal stadium of Bamako.


From the 12th September to the 15th September the International Secretariat had mission in Togo

On 12th September held a meeting with the National Coordinator of Youth Apostolate

On 13th September an exchanges with YCW in Dapaong, the young people presented the realities of the young people. YCW of Dapaong has about 382 members divided between 11 parishes.

The YCW of Dapaong is accompanied by Father Jean Paul DOUTI and long before him Father Joan Soler from Spain.

Finally, the International Treasurer presented ICYCW, its missions towards national movements, young people in the world.

As if to illustrate their mode of operation, after the meeting a visit was made to the sewing workplace of one of YCW members, where all her apprentices are young YCW girls.

On 14th September a meeting in Lomé Returning from Dapaong, the member of the Regional Commission Bénédicte AGUENOU made visits during the day of September 14 at the level of Lomé in order to meet the national team. She met the head of Kpalimé basic group (John Emmanuel) and tried to reach the National Secretary Honoré ADANOU who reassured them of their availability for mobilization and collaboration with ICYCW. Exhortation was made to contact the National Coordinator of the CCACJ (Father Dominique Rosario) after discussing as a team.


Following the call of Pope Francis since 2019, more than 1,000 young people gathered in Assisi (Italy) from September 22 to 24 to reflect on a new form of economy. The Eof concept (Economy of Francesco) is an international movement of young economists, entrepreneurs and changemakers engaged in a process of inclusive dialogue and young, dynamic global change, evolving towards a new economy. Alongside these young people from all continents, ICYCW participated in the Catholic Inspired Organizations (CIO) account.


The opening session took place at the Lyric Theater of Assisi on September 22 at 9:30 am. It consisted of psychologically preparing the participants for the context of the event. There were performances by musicians and most importantly, testimonies from young people around the world (Botswana, Brazil, Colombia, Afghanistan, France etc.). In turn, they explained the difficult conditions that hinder their development and affect their existence, particularly in Colombia. For the others, it was an opportunity to share with others their way of living the Economy of Francis in their socio-professional life.

delegates from IYCS, IYCW, MIJARC, CIJOC
Opening session
side group works


The closing session was essentially a conversation with His Holiness Pope Francis on September 24 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Triumphantly welcomed, the Pope said he was very happy to finally find his young people since the call launched since May 2019. After listening to testimonies from young people from Kenya, Benin, Brazil, Afghanistan, Thailand and many others, he gave a speech full of lessons. We retain his conclusion with the 03 great advice to the participants whom they consider to be apostles of the new economy following St Francis of Assisi:

  1. Along with your head and your heart, use your hands to change the economy.
  2. Do not forget work and workers, create good work for all.
  3. Look at the world with the eyes of the poorest.

Following this teaching, the Pope signed the final pact with the youngest of the participants (from Thailand).

Sharing with Cardinal Tagle (Propaganda Fide)

On 14th June 2022, the International Secretariat team was  received by Cardinal TAGLE, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples (Propaganda Fide).

Evangelization of the word of God to the people is a key objective of both Propaganda Fide and the ICYCW, it has been a great partnership between the two and a lot of projects have been implemented in the past.

This meeting was a very good moment of sharing, as we discussed many things about the youth, the Church, and the advocacy of our International body. It was also an opportunity to thank them for all the support and also strengthen our collaboration for future works.

We found a friendly Cardinal who was very open to exchanges. We thank him again for his warm welcome and his kindness.

Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver visit in Rome.

On 13th June 2022, the ICYCW international secretariat visited the Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver in Rome.

The team shared about the activities done in the last 6 months, and their experience in the post COVID situation.

 A sharing of the 10th IC report was done and more sharing on what activities are done by the Young Christian Workers and the ICYCW team.

It was a great sharing and a good way of re- establishing our collaboration with the Missionary sisters of St. Peter Clever. 

ICYCW participation in the 110th ILC

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is devoted to promoting social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights, pursuing its founding mission that social justice is essential to universal and lasting peace.


This year again, the ICYCW is participating in the International Labour Conference (110th edition), following the specific items of “Decent work and the social and solidarity economy” & “Inclusion of safe and healthy working conditions in the ILO’s framework of fundamental principles and rights”.

IS members will attend with national leaders representatives from India and Spain.

After an opening Plenary Session on Friday 27, May, the work of the committees started this Monday.

We sincerely hope that the tripartite discussions, between employers, workers and government representatives will permit accurate conclusions and consensus regarding the above mentionned topics.

For the sake of all young workers around the globe, our planet and our dignity.

The Economy of Francesco : Assisi 2022

The Economy of Francesco build 3 years ago an initiative to bring young people together to think about a new economy, ecologically sustainable and socially just.
This experience is not only made for youth movements but is a global thinking with scientists, change makers, entrepreneurs, … Different activities are proposed.

The reflection was organized around 12 villages, gathering of people reflecting on one specific theme (Finance and Humanity, Businesses in transition, CO2 of Inequality, Agriculture and Justice, Energy and Poverty, Women for Economy, Business and Peace, Life and Life-style, Work and Care, Policies for happiness, Management and Gift, Vocation and Profit).

One of these beautiful projects will be the continuation of the reflection through the organization of a global & presential event in Assisi (Italy) in September 2022:

EVENT 2022 | The Economy of Francesco (

The people who were not included yet are invited to register too!

If until now, you have never heard about this initiative but you have interest in it, you have until March 31th 2022 to register online. Just to know, the procedure is different if you have been part of a village before. All the information is available on the website (see the link above).

You care about these topics? Go straight to it.

Victor, our treasurer, will register for CIJOC. What about you?

Meeting with the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life

The International Secretariat had a meeting with the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life. It was 09th November 2021 in the meeting room of the Dicastery. The team accompanied by the International Chaplain shared a brief report, outcomes and statements of the 10th International Council.

After having shared some testimonies of the impact of the YCW on young workers, the Secretariat also exchanged on the future possibilities of collaboration with the Dicastery.

Visit of Octave

Octave a former collaborator of ICYCW who is currently working for Caritas International in Rome paid a warm visit to the international Secretariat team. Great sharing and exchange was done which was very useful to the new team and this was a great opportunity to strengthen our links with Caritas and also staying in touch with former leaders of ICYCW in solidarity
We had a great pleasure to talk to him about the beginnings of ICYCW.
We look forward to welcome him again!

Visit to the Missionary oblates of Mary

On 29th of October 2021, the International secretariat went out to visit the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate in Rome. The team had the pleasure to meet Fr. Louis Lougen, Superior General of the OMI.

It was the perfect occasion to introduce the new team and have discussions to build a link. We shared the outcomes of the 10th International Council and thanks him for their generosity.

Sharing With the Dicastery For Promoting Integral Human Development.

On 9th November 2021, The International Secretariat of ICYCW held a meeting with the Dicastery for promoting Integral Human Development (team of cardinal Turkson).

They shared with us their active work at the present time; which is to reflect about the structural crisis the Covid-19 brought into our world. The International Secretariat also exchanged about the ICYCW activities to the Young Christian Workers and the way we could work together in the future.

The sharing and exchange was a fruitful one.